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Who We Are

Founded in 1987, Exciting Events is the go-to company for audio, video, lighting, décor and special effects for a wide range of events: corporate, non-profit, sporting and weddings, as well as other special occasions.


There’s a reason we’ve been in business more than 30 years: We listen to our customers. With thousands of events under our belt, we understand the special care a successful event requires. We know that you want your guests to experience a flawless, fantastic event. We make that our number one goal. And we always deliver on that promise.


You want to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.  From the moment you step into our facility, through the exciting creative planning process and multiple follow-ups,  you’ll see a staff that loves what they do – and delivers an end result that will keep you coming back for more.


Exciting Events: America’s go-to production company for everything fun and exciting!

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Because of Who We Are!!!

We had an amazing New Years Eve set of events and it all starts with the best bunch of employees anyone could ask for. We had two great events, Harlem Globe Trotters and a beautiful wedding ALL ON ONE NIGHT. Please take a couple minutes and check out what a great team and some hard work can put together for one amazing night.

President's Letter

Dear Friends:


Where do I begin to tell you the story about Exciting Events . . .?


When I was 20, my parents hosted 3 big social events a year. At the last minute, their DJ cancelled – and they looked at me. “Todd, can you . . .?”


I did it and ended the night thinking, “This was awesome, I want to do this again and how can I get even more people on the dance floor next time?”


I was hooked – not only on events, but on creating a higher level of energy than people were used to. Every event was different but the same question always went through my mind… how can we make it even better the next time?


What started with one little event has grown into 1,000’s of corporate and non-profit events annually. What started with my vision has developed into a company that employs incredibly talented and hard-working event experience leaders, video, audio and lighting experts, and amazing design and fabrication craftsmen.


Every day when I wake up and think, “How can we outdo what we did yesterday and make next event even more amazing?”


When work never feels like work, when it’s always new and exciting, you know you’re in the right job.


That’s how it is for me at Exciting Events. Every day, we all get to do what we love, and our client’s reap the benefits of our passion.


Taking your event to the next level makes everyone of us at Exciting Events really PROUD. Thank you for the opportunity.


Todd Scheel

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