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Themed Events

We’ve been transforming stages for three decades. If you can dream it, we can make it come to life.

The possibilities for your themed event are endless! If you have a concept in mind, we have the creative staff and production skills to make the magic happen. From concept to delivery, we provide event planning, custom props, lighting, video, audio, décor, entertainment and more – to make your themed event an occasion people will talk about long after it’s wrapped.

Themed Events Gatsby

Ah, Gatsby and the Roaring ‘20s – there’s never been anything like it. We create Gatsby-themed super bars, internally lit columns that glow and energize and elaborate stage sets with Art Deco embellishments – and produce it on a scale Jay Gatsby himself would approve. It’s off the charts, grand enough to fill any size ballroom or convention center – posh, elegant and highly memorable.


All the Vegas accoutrements – from casino-themed entrance arch and roulette wheel, slot machine and dice-themed lampshades to jumbo-sized stacks of casino chips and the ding-ding-ding in the air, your guests will feel the energy and love the excitement. Always a good time.


Imagine large-scale masks adorning the walls, beautiful centerpieces of beads and feathers and Bourbon Street baubles, magical lighting and video imagery that takes you right to the French Quarter. This is one party you and your guests won’t want to leave.


Step right up, and enjoy the circus, folks! From our custom double-door clown entrance, to our 15’-high by 20’-wide rotating light-up carousel, larger-than-life balancing elephants and two swinging trapeze artists, your guests will have the time of their lives under the big top. Huge custom-printed banners make your organization the ringmaster of it all, and one they’ll remember.

Themed Events Pirate.JPG

Yo ho ho! Ready the cannon and man the crow’s nest, swashbucklers! It’s time to weigh anchor and have a rollicking good time at one of the liveliest soirees around! All the props are here: ship captain’s galley, captain’s wheel, gigantic sea-tattered sail and the jolly roger – even fun and sassy live pirates! 100% memorable – guaranteed.


Walk through our custom porthole entrance into your event space and you’ll finally know what it's like to live under the sea. Awe and wonderment will engulf your guests, as clear acrylic tables change colors subtly with LED lights, big tropical fish swim in the background aquarium courtesy of our latest video tricks, and color-changing pink and purple jellyfish sway beautifully overhead. A truly unique and consciousness-raising experience!


Yee-ha, y'all! Two-step on through our custom diamond entrance arch and you’ll be met by stunning crystal chandeliers and a giant rotating diamond that only Exciting Events has. This is one of our most popular themed events – classy, but tons of fun!


Are you ready for an out-of-this-world experience? The latest in laser lighting, haze, and fog, plus dozens of our hydras, stars, and 8-foot large inflatables will take your event to infinity and beyond.

Themed Events Kentucky Derby.jpg

Grab your big hat and your mint julep! Walk through our custom horseshoe entrance arch and you'll feel like you're right there at the Run for the Roses. Video wall panels with footage from the Derby, along with our custom-made Derby backdrop, create the look and feel of being at the big race. You win every time you put your bet on Exciting Events to deliver the perfect Kentucky Derby theme.


We have to admit: The Hawaiian theme is one of our most favorite to produce. What could be more inviting and intoxicating than an evening on the islands of enchantment? You’ll start by walking through our custom Hawaiian entrance arch made with tiki grass and custom-printed cut-outs. From there, you’ll see how we turn ordinary bars into tiki-thatched huts, complete with grass skirting. Our video wall displays bright, beautiful and festive activities you’d see at an authentic luau – making guests feel they’re really going Polynesian. Combine all of that with our tropical lighting and gobos and you have one amazing evening that will have your guests reminiscing for a long, long time.

Themed Events Winter Wonderland.JPG

We’re from Wisconsin – so we understand what the word “winter” means to most people. The creative staff at Exciting Events will make you forget all about that, as we celebrate the beauty, magic, and wonder of winter – and make your event shimmer and glow with natural wintery beauty. By using a giant rotating snowflake over your bar, cascading snowflake gobos, white sheer drape, and twinkle lights, we can transform any event space into a winter wonderland.

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