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Your special day...Above and beyond

Exciting Events is a full service production company specializing in a large array of special effects. To each new challenge, we bring almost 30 years of experience and tradition of excellence in the production industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies allows us to carefully analyze every possible approach to any given effect.  Whether you want to amaze and awe your clients with our continuous confetti showers, fog, lasers, cryo jets or have thousands of balloons drop from the ceiling we are the company for you.  At Exciting Events, we love what we do and simply believe that a creative vision is what’s really needed to complement your event. We are dedicated to providing the most professional and unique service in the industry. We’ve provided special effects for live events all over the United States from corporate, non-profit, and even the sporting world both indoors and outdoors, Exciting Events has the experience necessary to handle your next event and will design and produce the best special effects to ensure the best service and effect possible.

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