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Willy Wonka

Welcome to the world of Pure Imagination! Our largest production yet! So many elements went into this design from each of our departments.

Between our graphics team, our fabrication crew, our production staff, and our top Event Creators, we did it all!

Working together, we made giant chocolate bars, tons of video content, 80 acrylic light-up tables with 80 massive centerpieces, a huge television, the grand front gate, and so much more! Inflatables, air tubes, sono tubes, poly walls, video walls, you n
ame it - we made it happen!

Food Trucks

Bring your favorite food truck indoors with these realistic truck facades that will add a unique touch to any event space. They are quick to set up and simple to take down, yet make a huge impact on the aesthetic of the space.

We have plenty of designs in stock and ready for your event, or we can customize a truck with your logo, your menu, and the exact look you're going for! With our new pricing structure, it's an affordable way to really catch the attention of all in attendance!

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